How to bet on the World Cup with Bitcoin!

21 Jun 2018

If you’re as excited about the World Cup as we are, then you may be trying to find a way to put your coins to good use and bet on your favorite teams. If you’re into crypto, then we know you love a little risk, so we thought we would show you how you can bet on the biggest sport event in the world.

Today, we’re going to use World Cup Centre which is the number one Bitcoin-based sports betting platform on the web. Not only do they provide the best odds, they also have extremely advantageous welcome offer, boosting the daily favourite to 50.00! There's also other bonuses that you can take advantage of to hedge your bets! So, let’s get right to it.

Part 1 - Create an Account

The first thing you’ll need to get started is an account with

Step 1: Go to the website here
Step 2: Enter your personal details (1) and click "Register" (2)

Part 2 - Deposit funds

You’ll be taken to the World Cup Centre. Creating an account was pretty simple right? Depositing BTC and getting started is just as easy! Let’s see how it works.

After registering, you’ll be taken to the World Cup landing page which will change mildly as the championship develops.

Step 1: Click “Deposit

Step 2: Choose the currency in which you want to bet. We’ll choose Bitcoin

Step 3: Choose the units you wish to see on your account (uBTC or mBTC)

Step 4: Copy your deposit address and send funds to it. You can send start small by sending as little as 0.001 btc.

Once the funds arrive, you’ll be able to see them on your balance.

Alternatively, you can also bet with altcoins through the ShapeShift plugin. To do so, simply click “Deposit with Altcoins

Part 3 - Make your bets

Now that your funds have arrived, it’s time to make a bet. We could sit here and tell you about the numerous ways you can make your bet with From betting on who will win the game, who will win the first part, double chance, correct goal prediction and much much more. However, we’ll let you explore these by yourself. You can also check out this blog post which explains the different types of bets you can make on a sports betting platform.

We like to keep it simple so we’re going to bet on who will win the game. According to the odds, France seems to be the favorite, so we’re going to bet on them to win. Wish us luck!

Step 1: Click on the bet you want to make. In our case, we’re clicking on France to win whose odds change by the second

A pop-up window will appear on the bottom right corner which will allow you to place your bet.

Step 2: Now, you can choose between a Single bet and a Multiple bet. The former is pretty straightforward. You choose how much and you bet. The latter is a bit more complex as it allows you to bet on two instances like who will win and also who will score the first goal, for example. Let’s keep it simple and choose “Single

Step 3: Enter how much you want to bet

Step 4: Click “Bet” to place your bet!

That’s it! Now, just sit back, grab yourself some snacks and watch the game unfold! If you win, you’ll find your winnings on your balance available for withdraw!


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