How to Gamble with Altcoins on Bitcoin Casinos

26 Jan 2017

Bitcoin is, as we know, the most popular cryptocurrency around. Its market cap and user base overshadow any altcoin. As so, Bitcoin is much more accepted than any other cryptocurrency, when it comes to gambling houses. The list of Bitcoin Casinos, the online casino that accepts deposits using altcoins, has increased a lot in the last years, and it keeps on growing every year. While in the futures we expect to see new websites appear with altcoin betting, the vast majority of gambling websites only allow Bitcoin deposits.

Nevertheless, we want to teach you how to gamble in any website using altcoins. First, you may want to check out our gambling section to see which gambling websites allow altcoin gambling. Websites like Crypto-Games and SteemSports allow users to gamble with alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Steem.

If none of these websites is to your liking and you really want to play on another website that only allows Bitcoin gambling, then follow the next steps

Part 1 - Choose your website

Step 1: Click here to go to our gambling list

You can sort the websites by their Reviews , Average fee and by total game times
You can also filter by Account needed, Platform, currencies and game type 


Step 2: Choose a gambling website and click on it to view the details page

Step 3: You can check out the details of the website, then click “Bet Now” to go to it

We used Rollin for this guide, but you can use any other website that accepts Bitcoin, it’s totally up to you.

Part 2 - Set email and password

Before you can deposit in Rollin, you need to set your email and password.

Step 1: Once on the website, choose a username and click “Get Started

Step 2: Click “Account

Step 3: Click “Edit” on the password and email field to enter new info

Step 4: Click "Save" on both instances to save your new password and email (After typing them in)

You can now deposit crypto

Part 3 - Get your Bitcoin deposit address

Step 1: Click “Deposit Bitcoin” to send Bitcoin to your address

Step 2: You’ll need to generate a new wallet, click “Generate Address

Step 3: You will be shown a Bitcoin address, save it or leave the site open

If you noticed, there’s a built-in option to bet with Altcoins. This is the shifty button, part of the ShapeShift services, which we will use to turn alternative cryptos into Bitcoin when depositing. However, we will ignore this option to allow you to learn how to do it on other websites that may not have a built-in converter

Part 4: Deposit an Altcoin

Step 1: Click here to go to ShapeShift
Step 2: Now, select the coins you want to deposit and receive by clicking the logos displayed. We'll choose Ether to Bitcoin

Step 3: Now choose between "Quick" or "Precise". The quick mode will convert the coins based on the amount you send. The precise mode, however, will allow you to input the number of coins you want to receive and give you an exact amount to deposit.

Step 4: Now enter your Bitcoin address (1), the one we got from the gambling website. Enter your Ether address (2) as well, in case the exchange doesn't go through. Finally, agree to the terms (3) and click "Start Transaction(4)

Step 5: Now send your altcoin (in our case, Ether) to the address shown. Note the minimum and maximum deposit limits and stick with them

Now wait for the deposit to be received and for the exchange to take place

After a while, Bitcoin will be added to your account balance, and you will be able to play! 


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