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Nuri is a German fintech company founded in 2015 with the vision of enabling people to exchange assets as easily as they exchange ideas. Worldwide, instantly and at the lowest possible cost. Based in Berlin, Nuri offers an all-in-one platform combining a regular bank account, Bitcoin and Etherem wallets, and seamless cryptocurrency trading. Its customers can easily buy and sell bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) with fast cash settlement directly from their bank account, hosted by a German partner bank. Nuri’s investors include Earlybird, Sony Financial Ventures, coparion, Global Brain, High Tech Gründerfonds, ALSTIN Capital, and Digital Currency Group.​ Trade from just €30 up to €50,000 (rolling 7 days)

Nuri Account
● Main Benefit: Buy & sell BTC and ETH directly from your regular bank account.
● Product Descriptor: a bank account, cryptocurrency wallets and trading combined.
● Mobile app available for Android & iOS

Bitcoin Interest Account
● Main Benefit: Earn up to 5% Interest from your Bitcoin
● No lockup, you can add & withdraw anytime
● Fast Liquidity: withdraw and convert to Euro within minutes
● Minimum investment of €10 in BTC
● Only network fees apply - no additional fees for investing or withdrawals

Bitcoin Trading: Buy and sell bitcoin directly from your bank account
Trading of “real” bitcoin - no financial derivatives (CFDs)
Trade maximum of €15,000 order per limit

● Fast and secure 24/7 Trading
● Exchange Euro and cryptocurrencies within minutes
● Only 1% trading fees, no hidden fees (network fee not included)
● Trade from just €30 up to €50,000 (rolling 7 days)

Bank Account: A Nuri bank account hosted by solarisBank
Account is free of charge and comes with German IBAN
● Euro deposits up to €100,000 protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme
● Standing orders and automatic payments for service subscriptions
● Send and receive SEPA transactions

Debit Card: Convert cryptocurrency to Euro and pay in-store, online, or withdraw globally
Nuri’s globally accepted, contactless debit card (VISA)
● Free withdrawals at 40,000+ ATMs worldwide
● Track your spendings through mobile push-notifications
● Free order, free shipment, and free withdrawals at most ATMs

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Nuri offers both custodial and non-custodial wallets for bitcoin and ethereum that let users send, receive and store cryptocurrency and bring flexibility between both technologies.

At Nuri non-custodial wallets are called Vaults - which means the user owns the private keys to control funds and transactions, not Nuri or anybody else.

● Cryptocurrency wallets with built-in 24/7 trading
● Cryptocurrency wallets that puts you in control: “Your keys, your crypto”
● Highest industry standards with two-factor authentication, multi-signature keys and
biometric authorization

Customer Support: German & English customer support just a tap away

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