XETH Ether Wallet Wallet Website

XETH is an easy-to-use Ethereum wallet that is available for Windows, MacOS, LinuxMint, Fedora and Opensuse. XETH allows users to send, receive and store Ethereum, while allowing the user to have full control of his private keys. 

XETH wallet features:

  • STEALTH PAYMENTS: Stealth payment is a private exchange of funds which protects the privacy of the recipient and prevents observers from knowing the user's transaction history. On each payment the sender generates a new address using the recipient's stealth address data. Only the recipient is able to spend those funds. The spending private key can be generated only by the receiver.
  • Open-sourcehttps://github.com/BitProfile/Xeth
  • BitProfile Support: The XETH wallet allows you to create or import a BitProfile. BitProfile is a decentralized user namespace system that allows users to share the same profile in multiple DAPPS and to receive direct payments anonymously.
  • Secure random key generation
  • Addressbook

If you are having issues using this wallet, you can follow our guide on: How to use the XETH Ethereum Wallet 

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